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Travelling, climbing, caving, my main activities.

Enjoy the pictures.

Hall of Fame Now and Ever

Kirgisien/Tienshan 1999
Trekking Tienshan 1999

Gran Paradiso Italy, September 2000

HochfeilerBack to Wildsite Gran Pilastro, Italy, June 2000

Huayana Potosi Climbing Huayana Potosi 6088m (Bolivia), September 2001

Some Pictures from a Cave in the French Jura Belle Louise

Caving 2003 French Jura Caving 

Snow Shoe Tour 2003 Tennengebirge

Salamandre mit Ingolf und Michael 2003 A real big cave in South France (Ardeche)

Mont Blanc Juni 2003 Climbing Mt. Blanc 4807m (French Alpes)

Caving Jura November 2003/Lesine/Rappant

Ice Caves in the Swiss Jura Incredible Ice Formations 

Jura Tour Februar 2004

Gouffre de Gonvillar
a nice watercave

Falkensteinerhöhle 2004
One of the best if not the best watercave in Germany

Kameruner Höhle Harz/2004
After a narrow entrance a big hole in the stone

Trekking Mount Kenya/Point Lenana 4995m via Sirimon/Chogoria Route 2004 That's only the foreplay for the Rwenzori!

Climbing Margherita Peak (5109m) Rwenzori/Uganda 2004 Whow, the jungle meets the glaciers, i don't know where to go next to beat that impressions!

Just another weekend trip to the Gran Paradiso

Trekking in the Italian Abrruzian Mountains Oktober 2004

Perte des Ravieres/French Jura 11/04 (Caving)

Schwinde C/ Erdbachhöhle Hessen
Caving in a Part of the Erdbachhöhle in Hessen (Germany)

Ausbildungstour Mouthier 2005
Caving Cul de Vau and Grotte Le Garde

Baume de Crete and Grotte Baudin (Verneau, Juli 2005)

Grotte Baudin, Collecteur Verneau
Caving Verneau up to Salle de Petite Negro

Grotte Noailles

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